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Complete Moisture Control Solutions

Since 1989, SunDown Construction & Waterproofing has been providing Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions for home owners, businesses, and new construction projects.

Owner Billy Hutto is the most experienced Moisture Control Specialist in the CSRA. He will personally evaluate your water problem, explain your options, and give you a firm price.

All of our work is guaranteed. He will not sell you something that will not solve your problem. Work will be performed on time, and in a professional manner. We strive to install your drainage system with minimal damage to your lawn and landscape.

If you have a Wet Basement, Water in your Crawlspace, Garage or Room Addition, or Standing Water anywhere on your Property……. we can help!

At SunDown Construction & Waterproofing , we install Moisture Control Solutions to eliminate water issues leading to foundation failures, structure damage, flooding, rotten wood, warped flooring, mold and mildew, termites, or concrete cracking.

Our Drainage systems will dry up muddy areas to prevent erosion, and allow sod and plants to strive. No more muddy feet.

Our custom solutions include waterproofing basement and foundation walls below grade to seal the masonry block. We install drainage systems, dehumidifiers, power vents, moisture barriers, and pump systems under homes to remove moisture and standing water. French drains, catch basins, and various other types of underground drainage systems capture water and redirect it away from your home.

Hauling in topsoil, grading, grassing, retaining walls, or concrete pads can be used to battle water issues and stop erosion.



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